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And today is ...

Education Freedom Day! So it is time to look around and see if there is an event nearby. If not, you have a few choices online. There are of course the projects we mentioned previously, but you could also decide to get in touch with one of the many projects we have listed on our resource page. Last but not least, if you're just discovering Education Freedom Day and still want to do something be aware that there is an Open Education Week running in March, date around which we will run our second Education Freedom Day next year. Note as well that a few event organizers had to take the decision to delay their event because of local incompatibilities (summer holidays, Chinese New Year and the likes). So make sure you look at the dates events are being run. With all that being said you can as well just pick today as a day to contribute to one of the many Free Educational projects you are familiar with. Don't hesitate to join us on #EFDAY and talk to us in case of doubt, or just to cheer us up!

And of course, Happy Education Freedom Day to you all!