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Greenboard project and RUR-PLE work for EFD

Still presenting a few of the exciting things to contribute to on EFD and this time we will cover our own projects: Greenboard and RUR-PLE. They both cover the needs of the younger generation, one in generic teaching and one in programming. You could summarize Greenboard by saying it mixes technology with traditional teaching while RUR-PLE is really about teaching programming to kids. As our own events will be happening early March, we will work on our projects on Saturday 18th and welcome anyone interested to join us on the EFD IRC channel to participate. Our work will span from maintenance tasks such as upgrading some of the software we use to marketing and translation work such as better wordings and splitting some of the courses to allow easy deployments. All this being very high level we definitely encourage anyone interested to join us and update the agenda to better focus our work. We are planning to be available from 14:00 UTC+8 to when it is over... So see you all on Saturday!