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Happy 2014!

We would like to wish all of you a happy new year and hope the best will happen to every one of us.

2014 is an important year for SFD and the Digital Freedom Foundation. We have now extended our celebrations to four in a year as the Free Software philosophy extends to more and more places. We have also merged one of our side activities, Greenboard, which is about building a totally Free and Open Source curriculum to meet the tremendous need for technology that everyone is facing and especially the unprivileged groups, at the lowest possible cost. While currently only available in Chinese (as it is where it is developed) we are slowly translating it into English.

So to summarize we will be celebrating the following events this year:

You can of course find more information on the related websites or ask us questions through the appropriate mailing lists.

Last but not least, we are headed towards our tenth year of existence and this would not have been possible without you and without all the supporting organizations which have followed us around the years, namely Canonical, Google, Linode, the FSF and FSFE, Creative Commons, FreeBSD, Joomla!, the Open Clipart Library, Foundation Ceata, Linux Magazine, Linux Journal, Ubuntu User, Admin magazine and smart developer.

This year we will also try to raise more funds and hopefully hire someone to help us full time as it is starting to be a busy all-year-round activity. Hopefully this will make us more active and responsive to all the requests we are getting and better overall.

So thank you all and let's make 2014 unforgettable!