Happy Hardware Freedom Day

It is with very great pleasure that the first Hardware Freedom Day under our initiative is being run. Over 66 teams worldwide are celebrating this event today and some of us are available under IRC on Freenode (#hfd) to share what we are doing. You can also find a live stream of the Japanese event here and maybe more as we'll put them up as we are discovering them. We have to say that we are quite impressed with the numbers even if not the whole world is covered and hope that a lot of you will have the opportunity to discover what hardware hacking is about.

So happy HFD and happy hacking!

Happy Document Freedom Day!

While we are not organizing the Document Freedom Day we can surely encourage people to celebrate such an important celebration. Indeed today is the day to get together and remind everyone that free documents is the way to go. Should it be office documents, music files or any specific application file that you are using they should all be free for any software to use them.

While the global number of events is not publicly available (you just need to add them all up) we strongly wish that you can attend an event in your area. So please do go and check the online map and make the effort to attend an celebration in your area. And if this year you cannot, then organize something for the year to come!

Culture Freedom Day opens registration!

While Hardware Freedom Day has not happen yet and registration is still open, we are launching Culture Freedom Day registration! As usual one will need to create a wiki page under the proper year and location of its event, with either the program listed or a link to their own website. We expect CFD to be more popular than last year, but definitely will favour quality over quantity. This year as we are having HFD and CFD one month apart, and that promoting Open Hardware can equal to promoting Free Culture and Design we are expecting to have some combined events.

So let's see what the 2013 edition will bring us and learn for the years to come!

HFD swag on the way!

It is with great pleasure that we have shipped fifty-three event kits to the happily pre-registered teams. While the packages should have left on Saturday we struggled a bit to print the label with LibreOffice (new bugs, old bugs, more on my personal blog...). Fifty-three forced us to replace the T-shirts by button badges which didn't have those minimum quantities. Fifty-three is a great number to start a new theme and we are very proud to be already that far ahead!

On our side of the world we are planning to celebrate in Hong Kong where we are now registered and happen to already have a hackerspace. We have about one month to finalize the plans so expect more announcement on this topic soon.

And for the hackerspaces not registered yet it is definitely still time: you have the space, the people in your neighbourhood are waiting for you to take up the challenge and show them what you are doing. Wait no more and register right now to let them know you will be participating!

HFD Registration is on!

We are launching a new celebration around Open Source Hardware called Hardware Freedom Day and which will be celebrated on April 20, 2013 (Saturday). We just launched registration and will be sending an event kit (t-shirts, banners, posters, stickers, balloons, etc) free of charge to all the teams who register before March 15, 2013.

Need ideas for your event? You can always subscribe to our mailing list and see what others are doing. We also have an IRC channel on freenode (#hfd) for instant communication. Also please help us to make this event as big as SFD by using our banners and countdown on your website. Feel free to localize these artworks (all released under a CC-BY license) to your language and don't forget to share your files on the HFD wiki for others. Happy HFD!

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