Celebrate SFD - Sep 19th 2015

Celebrate SFD with us on September 19, 2015!

Celebrate HFD - Jan 16th 2016

Celebrate Hardware Freedom Day with us on January 16 2016!

Celebrate EFD - Mar 21st 2015

Celebrate EFD with us on March 21, 2015!

Greenboard Open Education

Greenboard Open Education

About DFF

The Digital Freedom Foundation (DFF) has transitioned over the past ten years from a marketing events organization to advocate the use of Free Software to an organization which has broaden its scope to digital knowledge in general covering Free Software, Open Hardware and Content (OER, Free culture), and assembled or created all the required pieces to drive an educational project aimed at educating the people in needs.

As a worldwide community with hundreds of local groups and associations taking part in our efforts, we hope to extend our reach to every corner of the world. Please join us by organizing or participating in any of our international days!

  1. Software Freedom Day
  2. Education Freedom Day
  3. Hardware Freedom Day
  4. Culture Freedom Day

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DFF going full speed!

The Digital Freedom Foundation has been thriving with lots of activities and this website is probably the best place of entry to quickly visualize what we've been doing recently! Don't hesitate to RSS feed to it to keep posted...