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Software Freedom Day 2023

This year, we have a special reason to celebrate Software Freedom Day. Not only are we commemorating our involvement in the Free Software movement, but we are also marking the 20th edition of this important event. It fills us with pride to witness people from all around the world coming together to celebrate, collaborate, and support each other in using and improving Free Software solutions. During the last 2 decades, Software Freedom Day has been celebrated in over 600 places spread over all continents.

In today’s world, the significance of using and developing Free Software has become even more important. With governments imposing restrictions on access to services through sanctions or censorship, and the rapid evolution of AI solutions, it is crucial that we reassess our priorities and inform the public about the benefits of Software Freedom.

Therefore, we cordially invite all Free, Libre and Open Source Software enthusiasts to organize events, whether big or small, formal or informal, to spread the word. You’re free to choose the format of your event, we would like to provide you with some topics to spark your inspiration:

  • AI - Challenges to Face and Actions to Take: Discuss the ethical and societal implications of AI technologies, and explore ways to ensure that AI is developed and used in a manner that aligns with the principles of software freedom.
  • Communication Decentralization - Why and How: Examine the importance of decentralizing communication platforms and networks, and explore the tools and strategies available to achieve this goal. For instance, the Fediverse is a successful example of decentralized social networking based on Free Software.
  • Lessons Learned from the Past, Actions to Take for the Future: Reflect on the history of the Free Software movement, learn from past experiences, and discuss actionable steps to further advance the cause of software freedom.

As a team, we encourage you to select one or a few topics that are most relevant to your context and interests. Let’s come together to celebrate Software Freedom Day and make a positive impact on the future of Free, Libre and Open Source software.

Software Freedom Day can also be a great opportunity to reach out to the wider community and let new people discover your organisation, to collaborate with other like minded groups in your area or to show the world what is already possible with Free Software!

Join us in this global celebration of Software Freedom and help us create a world where Free Software is embraced and valued by all. For more information about Software Freedom Day and its significance, please visit the Software Freedom Day website.