DFF registers, announces HFD, CFD and SFD

Digital Freedom Foundation (formerly known as Software Freedom International) is proud to announce its new incorporation in the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong. While the charity status is still pending approval as our bylaws, goals and three-year plan are being reviewed, the organization has just been incorporated and we opened our bank account on February 14th. We can therefore officially announce our plans for 2013 including the exciting things you already know about, and the new exciting stuff we have had in our pipeline for quite some times now.

We will of course continue with the current schedule of two annual worldwide celebrations of Culture and Software Freedom respectively called Culture Freedom Day and Software Freedom Day. Both will be celebrated as planned, respectively the 3rd Saturday of May and the 3rd Saturday of September, putting CFD on Saturday 18 May and SFD on Saturday 21 September this year. Events registration will open around mid March for CFD and early June for SFD. As usual early SFD registrants gets to receive a free team pack and we are still trying to raise sufficient funds to provide the same benefits for CFD events.
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2012 SFD Team Packs shipped

All the SFD team packs have left DFI office and are now on their way to your event. All registered teams before August 12 this year should start to receive the great stuff we have prepared for them. In total we packed and shipped about 200 packages together with our local community. DFI has been generous enough as every year to invite us for dinner that same day!

A big thank you goes to Google, Canonical, Linode, Free Software Foundation, FSFE, Linux Magazine, Ubuntu Users, Smart Developer, Admin magazine, Linux Journal, FreeBSD, and Joomla!. We are also pretty excited to have new FOSS projects doing their part to support and encourage SFD, such as Creative Commons and Open Clipart . For those who missed the deadline, subscribe to our announce or discuss mailing lists to get notified next year and rush to our artwork page to download all the source files and produce your own goodies!

DFI announces the winners of SFD 2011 competition

Digital Freedom International is one more time very proud to announce the SFD 2011 best event competition results. We would like to name in no specific order:

As a general comment we were very pleased to see a higher quality of most events participating in the competition and would also like to mention some entries which didn't make it in the top 3 but definitely deserve to be mentioned: Palestine Software Freedom Day, Bluepoint Linux User Elite and Algeria Software Freedom Day.

Congratulations to all! Full details available here.


DFI announces the SFD Summit and calls for hosts

Digital Freedom International is proud to announce it will start co-organizing Software Freedom Days with one local team each year starting this year, and therefore we are inviting local organizers to submit proposals to host our upcoming SFD Summit around September 15th 2012.

The purpose of co-organizing such an event is to raise the profile of our celebrations while bringing a public space for discussions about the future of our movement. Over the past two years DFI/SFI has been through important changes in its governance such as expending community involvement through various committees, tightening our budget to remain cash positive, surveying SFD organizers and enhancing the team pack to enable teams to reuse the materials they receive, just to name a few of our efforts. It is now time to raise collaboration efficiency by getting together!

The full announcement is available here.

DFI announces Culture Freedom Day

After a few months of discussions, preparations and hard work we are finally able to officially announce the first edition of Culture Freedom Day! Meant as an international day for Free Culture artists around the world to make themselves heard and known to the public we expect plenty of street concerts, gallery exhibitions and other local demonstrations of Free Culture work. For more information please visit the CFD dedicated website and don't forget to spread the word.

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