DFI announces Culture Freedom Day

After a few months of discussions, preparations and hard work we are finally able to officially announce the first edition of Culture Freedom Day! Meant as an international day for Free Culture artists around the world to make themselves heard and known to the public we expect plenty of street concerts, gallery exhibitions and other local demonstrations of Free Culture work. For more information please visit the CFD dedicated website and don't forget to spread the word.

SFI becomes DFI!

Since October 2011 the SFI board has taken a few major decisions regarding its own future. Stability among board members should allow us to push our celebration and advocacy concepts to new heights, and in order to reach those goals we had to widen the scope of our possible actions by changing our bylaws and adding a DBA (doing-business-as) name to our official organization registration. While the bylaws'final wording is still under review SFI has decided to operate under the name of Digital Freedom International.

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SFI board general assembly

As stated in its bylaws, Software Freedom International met on December 1st, as it does every year. The main purpose of the meeting is to elect the new board for the upcoming year. All current board members were willing to remain on the board and have therefore been reelected for another term.

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