2013 SFD team packs shipped!

All the SFD team packs have left DFF office and are now on their way to your event. All registered teams before July 31 this year will receive the great stuff we have prepared for them. In total we packed and shipped about 200 packages together with our local community. This year every team pack includes not only our usual stuff which are three t-shirts, twenty t-shirt stickers, twenty balloons, twenty small-size stickers, a two-meter banner, and a A4 flyer, we also added three A3 posters and twenty big-size stickers. A big thank you goes to GoogleCanonicalLinode, the Free Software FoundationFSFELinux MagazineUbuntu UsersSmart DeveloperAdmin magazineLinux JournalFreeBSDJoomla!Creative Commons and Open Clipart. For those who missed the deadline, subscribe to our announce or discuss mailing lists to get notified next year and rush to our artwork page to download all the source files and produce your own goodies!

Canonical, Google and Linode long term sponsors

While SFD registration is going steadily with, at the time of this writing, 156 registered teams and more pending, we are very happy to confirm our usual three sponsors in the name of Canonical, Google and Linode. We are very proud to be working with those three organizations for such a long time and would like to emphasize that without them our road would be a lot more bumpy! At the same time we would like to add that our collaboration with the FSF has been very positive and improving over the years. In fact we regularly exchange ideas about better promotion for Free Software and one of them will be announced very soon. In the light of this continuous support we can only extend the pre-registration promotion (free SFD swag) until the end of the month (July 31st)! We also want to thank the media and the communities that support us and have been doing so for years, but we shall write a bit more about those organizations in a latter post.

Happy SFD preparation to all!

Hong Kong activities are getting a website!

Part of our recent activities have included moving our non-profit organization to Hong Kong as previously announced. In the process some of the regulations are a little different and require us to modify our activities. One of that requirement is to have local activities which we have started in May. We are currently leading a bi-monthly Free Software hackfest called the Loop, and happening at the local hackerspace. Of course having local activities means we need to be very clear towards our public and have therefore decided to have a different website for what we are doing in Hong Kong. Most likely this will not change much of your relationship with us but this can also be a different angle to your perspective on Free Software, Culture and Hardware and what can be nurtured in your area. So without any further ado please let us introduce you to our Digital Freedom Foundation Hong Kong activities. Of course expect more to come very soon...

SFD2013 Registration is on!

This is with a great pleasure that we are announcing registration opening for SFD 2013! Any team registered on or before July 21, 2013 will receive a pack of goodies (200 packs, first come first served) including a big banner, tshirts, stickers, balloons, etc. It's easy to register, you just need to create your wiki pages and submit your event information. Read this HowTo and contact us via email or on IRC (#SFD on freenode) if you need any help.

Please also help to promote SFD by placing our SFD counter with your own language and banners in your website or blog. Yes! We have 2 languages available at the moment and if you want to localize it to your own language, it is very easy to add a new language, follow the instruction in this page.

Happy Culture Freedom Day

The second edition of Culture Freedom Day is happening today! So get ready to enjoy a bit of art today and go check our events map right away. While CFD should be a little bit more difficult to organize the results should be a lot more accessible to the whole family. Note that if nothing is happening in your area you can either try to run your own event in the coming few weeks or else simply check the available Free Culture movies and watch a few at home or with friends.

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